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Nizamuddin West, New Delhi



The design intent was to bring in additional natural light and retain the core essence of the house and its old architecture, by combining vintage and contemporary design elements to impart a unique interior character that is eclectic, chic with a hint of modern.

The house has all-white interiors with highlights of distressed brick walls in amalgamation with a modern interpretation of French doors, in black Mild Steel frame with glass connecting internal spaces and capturing views of greens outside, in contrast yet complementing the traditional Jaali outside. The original wooden flooring of the house has been reused on the ceilings to highlight the volume. The old door and window frames were chiseled to make walkway screens that add an interesting visual play of light and shadow.
All these elements combined with a new Micro topping cement floor seamlessly tie all the spaces to the central lobby – core of the house.

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